Statement of Non-Compliance with Mandatory Vaccination in Canadian Universities By Maximilian C. Forte, PhD
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A call to action by a Professor of Sociology and Anthropology from Concordia University. "This will be, for most Canadian faculty, the first if not only real test of their integrity and dignity, and their purpose as scholars and intellectuals. It is absolutely essential that they not fail this test from the start. It must be emphasized that this is not a position that can be taken only by non-vaccinated faculty. Action to prohibit and prevent discrimination, and actual abuses of human rights, is a stance to be taken by all faculty, whether fully vaccinated or not."
Nicholas Wansbutter – Episode 51: Vaccine Passports – Coercive and Unconstitutional
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Consent given under fear or duress is ineffective. Consent given under fear or duress is not consent. Nicholas Wansbutter goes through the historical case law that supports Vaccine Passports being unconstitutional, a violation of human rights, and completely discriminatory.